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chrome to iphone Google Chrome web browser on IOS

“Some of you have been very persistently asking [for Chrome on iOS],” said Google VP of Chrome Brian Rakowski at day two of the firm’s I/O Conference in San Francisco. “I’m very happy to say the team has really pulled something great off.”

Google’s Chrome for IOS boasts many of the same features as its desktop counterpart, and we found it offers a welcome refresh from the standard Apple web browser. For example, the free app comes with the ability to sync information between Chrome on your desktop and your Iphone, including open tabs and bookmarks.


The slick looking app also allows users to flick through tabs “like you would fan a deck a cards”, the ability to search straight from the address bar and a private browsing mode.

It’s not just us that think the app is good, as it has already shot to the top of Apple’s US App Store chart and has received rave reviews from excited users.

One user said, “I’ve only had it for a few minutes, so I can’t comment on the performance yet. But the design is aesthetically pleasing and the features are very desirable.

“I’m excited to be able to easily view all of my bookmarks and tabs from my laptop’s Chrome. I am very excited to use this app.”

Google also introduced a dedicated Google Drive app for IOS devices, enabling users to store files, edit documents offline and search the cloud using image recognition software.

Source: The Inquirer

 Google Chrome web browser on IOS

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