Best Cheap Android Tablets in 2012


It is not possible for everyone to afford a $500 iPad or Android tablet. But with an active market like there is now with tablets, there also comes competition which should eventually drive down prices and now you can buy a tablet for under $200 that works quite well. So if your buying price point is at or below 200 dollars, now might be just the right time to buy.

Lenovo Ideapad A1 22282EU 7-Inch Tablet

Android Tablet Running Gingerbread; WiFi, Bluetooth & GPS!

empvp odeaad a1 Best Cheap Android Tablets in 2012

Lenovo Ideapad A1 22282EU 7-Inch Tablet (Black)

Amazon Price: $169.99 (as of 06/15/2012)

I feature this tablet first because it has a lot of features for an under $200 Android tablet. It’s about the same price as the Kindle Fire, but gives you more flexibility. You aren’t locked into using Kindle’s browser or buying media from Amazon. Plus, it has a navigation program for using GPS offline – that’s right, you can use this for GPS in your car, even without an internet connection!

It has Android Market (now called Google Play) on it, which gives you access to thousands of Android apps (including many free ones), plus books, movies, and music. It also has Gmail and Google Maps integrated.

Specifications / Features

  • TI ARM Cortex-A8 1.0 GHz single-core processor
  • 7″ LED (1024×500) capacitive multitouch display
  • Less than 12mm thin, the A1 weighs in at less than a pound
  • WiFi and Bluetooth%uFFFD connectivity
  • Integrated front and rear webcams
  • Micro SD card reader and a mini USB port for easy connections to other devices
  • Solid as a rock: A magnesium alloy roll-cage internal frame protects your hard drive and other critical components
  • Adobe Flash support for vivid animation and video playback
  • Lenovo SocialTouch lets you manage your social networking in one simple interface

Le Pan TC 970 9.7-Inch Tablet

Large Screen ~ Great Reviews!

lepan tc 970  Best Cheap Android Tablets in 2012

Le Pan TC 970 9.7-Inch Multi-Touch LCD Google Android Tablet PC

Amazon Price: $169.28 (as of 06/15/2012)

What a deal! This is an Android tablet with a nearly 10 inch screen, pre-installed Google apps, and full access to Android market! With many cheap tablets, there are major trade offs… And although this has some negatives, its positives sound pretty good!


Blackberry Playbook 7-Inch Tablet

This is a workhorse! That’s why businesses use Blackberry!

black berry playbook Best Cheap Android Tablets in 2012

Blackberry Playbook 7-Inch Tablet (16GB)

Amazon Price: $197.91 (as of 06/15/2012)

Very fast tablet…. Intuitive interface! Great for business and entertainment. Especially easy to use for first time tablet users. About a month ago, I bought this tablet, and I am not let down at all. I love playing Angry Birds on it and browsing the web. It’s very easy to edit word documents, read PDFs, ebooks, watch movies, etc.

5/22/12 update I’m loving this tablet more each day! I recently subscribed to Amazon Prime and I got an HDMI cable. I’ve been watching Amazon Instant shows on my TV by streaming them through this Playbook. They run flawlessly, the video and sound both transfer through the HDMI cable, and although I have not been able to get dolby out of it (yet) it does do surround. I’m just so impressed by the quality!

Blackberry is made by Rim in Motion. Rim isn’t doing well… Their stock has been going downhill. However, this tablet has great reviews, and when Rim manufactured it, I think they expected the selling price to be much higher. It used to be over $400… But because they’re not doing well, the price for this tablet continues to be under $200. I don’t know how they manage to keep it at such a low price.

The only thing that’s a negative is that it’s not Android. So there aren’t as many apps, but that may change over time. But if you don’t care about apps, but care more about web browsing and productivity, this may be the right tablet for you.

Kindle Fire – Amazon’s New Tablet & eReader

Probably Best Tablet for Novice Users if you have a Wifi Connection & Like Buying Videos, Games, Books, etc from Amazon!

Kindle Fire, Full Color 7″ Multi-touch Display, Wi-Fi

Amazon Price: $199.00 (as of 06/15/2012)

If you want to watch movies, TV shows, read books, read magazines, play games, and surf the web — and do so easily — then Amazon’s new tablet may be perfect for you!

It runs a highly modified version of Android, and you are tied into using Amazon’s Silk browser, and downloading books, movies, and apps from Amazon… but the good thing about this is that with an Amazon Prime membership you get unlimited streaming of over 10,000 popular movies & TV shows, plus access to Kindle Owners’ Lending Library!

Don’t buy this tablet if you want a tablet that you can use over a cell phone connection, or if you don’t plan on buying media from Amazon. It you want to use Skype and GPS, look elsewhere.

Nook Color Tablet from Barnes & Nobles

Watch Movies & TV Shows through Netflix & Hulu Plus

nook7inch8gb Best Cheap Android Tablets in 2012

NOOK 7″ 8GB WiFi Tablet

Amazon Price: $178.00 (as of 06/15/2012)

This is a true rival to Amazon’s Kindle!
- Play Games like Angry Birds & Scrabble.
- HD movies, TV shows and music from the top names-Netflix, Hulu PlusTM, Pandora & more
- World’s most advanced VividViewTM 7″ Touchscreen
- Over 2.5 million books, magazines, comics & kids’ books. Native .cbz (comic reader) support
- Lightning fast Email, Web & smooth streaming video, 8 GB of memory, extra-long battery life

 Best Cheap Android Tablets in 2012

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