Accessories for Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S3 Accessories list all in one image picture screenshot sample Accessories for Samsung Galaxy S3
Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the newest smartphone in the Android Arena, no matter what others say the device is generally a performing beast. But apart from the performance and look, the best thing that attracts me towards the device is it’s accessories i.e. the AllShare Cast dongle, Samsung S III C Pen, Flip Cover, S III Holder, Wireless Charger and much more. The popular UK phone retailer called Mobile Fun was releasing all those genuine accessories for Samsung Galaxy S3 users. Customers can buy these accessories at cheap price on both online and offline leading market stores. Here we listed the best accessories for Samsung Galaxy S3 to thrill you more with external little devices.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Accessories

If you’re going to purchase Galaxy S3 and not going to get these amazing accessories then you’re probably wasting your joy that would be brought to you by these geeky accessories. Let’s check these awesome accessories that are made available by Samsung for the beast named Samsung Galaxy S3.

1.AllShare Cast Dongle also called as Wi-Fi Display Hub

Samsung Galaxy S3 AllShare Cast Dongle Wi Fi Display Hub image picture screenshot Accessories for Samsung Galaxy S3
Function: Helps connect your device to your TV easily and also providing a link between your Galaxy S3 and Television.
By using “AllShare Cast” the Galaxy SIII users can wirelessly connect their mobile phone to their television HDTV screen to transfer the media content of the smartphone to the television. If you’re still not having a smart TV in your home then this accessory might come in handy to you. This is a HDMI Equipped device that provides a link between Samsung Galaxy S3 and your TV. The device can be directly plugged to the HDMI Port and then you can sync easily with the push of a button. In the above the picture you can see the wi-fi dongle got HDMI port, power button and reset button. It was best accessory for Samsung Galaxy S3. Let you watch your favorite videos and images from your smartphone to Big LED and LCD screens. It was priced at $128 in US, 79.99 GBP in UK and RS. 5300 in India.

2.Galaxy SIII C Pen

Samsung Galaxy S3 C Pen stylus accessories image picture screenshot Accessories for Samsung Galaxy S3
Function: Stylus for your mobile phone makes easier to write and operate the smartphone.
Samsung Galaxy S3 C Pen is basically a stylus that works on the capacitive touch screen of Samsung Galaxy S3. This will help you control your device with more precision. Now users can draw their favorite pictures on gorgeous big screen with help c pen stylus. People will have much more fun by using this little accessory. It costs 32$ in US, 19.99 GBP in UK and Rs 1500 in India.

3.Galaxy S3 Flip Cover

Function: Protection of the device from scratches, replaces the back panel.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Flip Cover accessory image picture screenshot Accessories for Samsung Galaxy S3
S3 flip cover actually replaces the back panel of the mobile phone. The flip cover has an amazing contemporary design that will make your device look smarter and also protect your screen to prevent from scratches. It will available in chrome blue color and white color which will give nice look for Samsung Galaxy S3 device. The Flip Cover is priced at $48 in US, 29.95 GBP in UK, Rs. 2500 in India

4. Galaxy S3 Holder and Battery Charger

Samsung Galaxy S3 Holder and Battery Charger accessories image picture sample background Accessories for Samsung Galaxy S3
Function: Enables better viewing angle of the device and charges your mobile phone at the same time.
The Amazing S3 holder lets the user place the device in a better and convenient angle so that users can have easiness while reading texts, emails and viewing videos. Apart from that, when you use this holder the battery of your mobile phone also gets charged, there is a MicroUSB port and an LED indicator that will tell the users when the battery is being charged or is fully charged. It was priced at $56 in US, 34.99 GBP in UK and Rs. 2800 in India.

5. S Pebble

Function: A MP3 player that is paired with Galaxy S3.

Samsung Galaxy S3 S Pebble accessories image picture screenshot Accessories for Samsung Galaxy S3
Wow this looks amazingly beautiful isn’t it. Yes it is. The S-Pebble is a sleek MP3 player that is made to be paired with the Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone.
So, these were the amazing accessories of Samsung Galaxy S3 for the device, if one is buying the device without having these accessories with him, then he’s already missing the greatness he can get.


 Accessories for Samsung Galaxy S3

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