Galaxy Nexus Accessories at Google Play Store


image54 Galaxy Nexus Accessories at Google Play Store

After surprising (and delighting) users by selling the acclaimed Galaxy Nexus directly from the Play Store (at a substantially reduced price), Google has upped the ante, offering a trio of handy Samsung-branded Nexus accessories for purchase starting today.

For now, customers can choose from Samsung’s slick Vehicle Dock ($54.00) which includes a car charger, the HDMI Portrait Desktop Dock ($49.00), or the Desktop Dock ($54.00) with pogo pin connectors and a 3.5mm audio jack.

image55 Galaxy Nexus Accessories at Google Play Store

While these reasonably-priced accessories are certainly enticing, Google reminds customers that they “will only work with the HSPA+ version of the Galaxy Nexus (as sold on the Google Play store).” This of course means that those with a Galaxy Nexus connected to either Sprint or Verizon looking for Samsung-branded accessories will have to look elsewhere (it’s worth noting that Samsung offers similar accessories for the Nexus’ CDMA/LTE variants).

Those interested in picking up some slick, practical accessories for their HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus need only head over to the Nexus’ Play Store listing here.

image56 Galaxy Nexus Accessories at Google Play Store


 Galaxy Nexus Accessories at Google Play Store

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