Leonardo Da Vinci Anatomy App for iPad


leonardo da vinci anatomy app review 0 Leonardo Da Vinci Anatomy App for iPad

The new iPad is a seriously sweet piece of kit. No one is going to argue that the crazy resolution of its Retina display doesn’t make for some pretty sweet app viewing. None more so than the new Leonardo Da Vinci Anatomy app, which is as good looking as it is educational.

Leonardo Da Vinci: Anatomy

  • Format iPad
  • Price £9.99
  • Where iTunes

The application works as a sort of extension of iBooks, more like an interactive reading experience and less like turning pages. Snippets of Leonardo’s groundbreaking work are combined with 3D anatomical models and as well as interviews with those in the know explaining just how impressive his ideas were.

leonardo da vinci anatomy app review 2 Leonardo Da Vinci Anatomy App for iPad

More than 250 pages of drawings, split over 11 different chapters, are brought to life using the iPad’s lush screen and highly detailed models. You can swipe typesets between the application to read either Leonardo’s original Italian writing or have it translated into English on the page.

A human body is used as an interface to navigate all the different picture collections within Leonardo’s body of work. There is tons of content here and just about all of it is fascinating. It also looks fairly incredible, thanks to the whole thing being retina-display compatible.

At £10, the application isn’t exactly cheap but you are getting a lot to play with for your money. The drawings alone are impressive enough once you really get exploring, but the slick design makes the whole experience that much better. For those interested, the money is worth it.



 Leonardo Da Vinci Anatomy App for iPad

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