Flashing stock firmware and fixing soft bricks for Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G SGH-T769


samsung galaxy s blaze 4g banner image 120420 Flashing stock firmware and fixing soft bricks for Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G SGH T769

Did you soft brick your Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G? If you did, you don’t have to freak out anymore because we have the solution to your problem. If the problem is caused by some mistake in installing custom ROMs or ClockworkMod Recovery, then this guide can probably help you.  Essentially, you’ll be flashing stock firmware back to your soft-bricked Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G SGH-T769.

Sometimes users can get too excited to install the newest ROMs or the latest touch-based ClockworkMod Recovery on their devices that they may accidentally brick their devices. You can’t really blame them; the bricking might have been caused by any number of things, from carelessness to lapses in the instructions they were following.

Lucky for Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G users, solving the bricking problem is quite easy. XDA Developer member konane has devised a way to solve this problem, allowing users to revert to stock factory settings in no time. This means that your phone will literally be as good as new; in fact, your phone won’t have root or any of your custom ROMs.

Saving your phone, however, is most important. The procedure to save your device from Android limbo is so easy to follow that even the most amateur of Android users will have no trouble getting their devices back in shape.


  • This guide is only applicable to the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G, with the model number SGH-T769,  and not with any other variants of the Samsung Galaxy S.
  • Use this guide at your own risk. We will not be held liable for any damage to your device as a result of using this guide.


Here are the things that you need to do beforehand:

  • Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G SGH-T769
  • Download and install Odin3 1.85 (Odin-185.zip, 199 kB) on your computer.
  • Install the Samsung USB drivers (32-bit or 64-bit Windows) on your computer.
  • Download the PIT file (blaze.pit, 3.9 kB)
  • Download the TAR file of the stock firmware (UVLB7) from here or here (SGH-T769-UVLB7-k0nane.7z, 282 MB).
  • Make sure that your battery is sufficiently charged.
  • Enable USB Debugging on your phone at Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging.
  • Disable Samsung KIES and security software (e.g., antivirus and firewall) on your computer.


  1. Extract the contents of SGH-T769-UVLB7-k0nane.7z to your computer. You’ll get a file named SGH-T769-UVLB7-hitsquad.tar.
  2. Extract Odin-185.zip to your computer.  You’ll get two files: Odin3.ini and Odin 1.85.exe.
  3. Double-click on Odin 1.85.exe to launch Odin3.
  4. Turn off your phone completely.
  5. Put your phone in Download Mode by pressing the Volume Up, Volume Down, and the Power buttons at the same time.
  6. In Odin3, make sure that all the options are unchecked except for “Auto Reboot”.
  7. Click on the PDA tab and select SGH-T769-UVLB7-hitsquad.tar.
  8. Click on the PIT tab and choose the blaze.pit file which you downloaded earlier.
  9. Connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable. Odin3 should recognize it when it displays “Added!” on the message box at the bottom.
  10. Hit the Start button in Odin3 to start the procedure.
  11. Once the procedure is done, your phone will reboot.
  12. Close Odin3 and disconnect your phone to your computer.
 Flashing stock firmware and fixing soft bricks for Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G SGH T769

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