iPhone 5 searched for more than iPhone 4S


iphone 5 searched more iphone 4s kindle 0 iPhone 5 searched for more than iPhone 4S

More people are searching Google for the iPhone 5 than the iPhone 4S, but “Kindle” and “BlackBerry” are far more popular than either. A study on the most-important search terms in the brown goods sector has been published by Greenlight, a company specialising in search and social trends, and it has come up with some interesting findings.

In February, more than 13 million UK searches for consumer electronics were carried out. Greenlight looked specifically at audio and accessories, cameras and camcorders, PCs, laptops and tablets, phones and accessories, and TVs & DVD players.

It found that “Kindle” was the most-queried consumer electronics term, counting for 823,000 searches. “BlackBerry” came next, with 673,000. iPhone 5 was searched for 450,000 times, while iPhone 4S received 368,000 searches.

“iPad” and “iPad 3″ also trailed “Kindle” and “Amazon Kindle” in the PCs, laptops and tablets segment. Combined, the Apple devices got 669,000 searches, the Kindles, 1.191 million.

Remarkably, neither Android nor Samsung (in the mobile phone section) made it into the top ten. HTC and Nokia did, with 246,000 and 201,000 searches respectively.

Samsung did do a bit better in the television and DVD player category. “Samsung TV” was second only to “TV” itself, with 40,500 searches.

via: poket-lint

 iPhone 5 searched for more than iPhone 4S

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