Image leaked of New Nokia 41-megapixel phone


nokia 41 megapixel nokia 808 pureview windows phone 0 Image leaked of New Nokia 41 megapixel phone

Nokia’s 41-megapixel-toting camera phone could be with us as early as May, as an online retailer begins taking orders for the handset. NStore is offering the phone SIM-free for €599 (around £494).

Unveiled at this year’s Mobile World Congress, Nokia’s ramped-up camera sensor earned a score of headlines and it would seem Nokia has no intention of making the PureView a one-off. Images, reported to be “leaked slides”, have emerged with details of a new 41-megapixel sensor phone – only this time running on a Windows Phone OS. The pictures show the unnamed phone to be curved with a slight chin, presumably to accommodate the 41-megapixel sensor – and coming in yellow, pink and a more traditional black.

nokia 41 megapixel nokia 808 pureview windows phone 1 Image leaked of New Nokia 41 megapixel phone

They also provide further details of what kind of specs we can expect, including a 4.3-inch curved touch-screen with HD display and dual-core processor. Whereas the Nokia 808 PureView will run on Symbian Belle, these latest images suggest this phone will run on Windows Phone, though it doesn’t specify what version.

Could we be seeing a Nokia Lumia PureView phone in the near future? If these leaked images are anything to go by, it would appear likely.


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 Image leaked of New Nokia 41 megapixel phone

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