Draw Something hits 50M downloads


xl Draw Something 624 Draw Something hits 50M downloads

Not every app is born a winner. Draw Something is in fact the third version of an application called Draw My Thing. A few changes and now you can spy the app on virtually every phone on the train journey home with it becoming the most popular casual game available, recently landing developer Omgpop a $210 million buyout by social networking game giant Zynga.

The social gaming phenomenon Draw Something has achieved something many folks thought was impossible – it has out-performed Angry Birds Space in the paid iOS download charts.

The Pictionary-esque title has achieved over 50 million downloads in the first 50 days since launch, allowing it to reclaim top spot in the charts from Rovio’s space-centric, Angry Birds adventure, just two weeks after the new installment said ‘hey’ to the world.

Draw Something, which recently became a property of Zynga which bought out developer OMGPOP for over $180m (around £110m), has generated over six billion drawings since its launch on Android, iPhone and Facebook. That’s over 3,000 drawings per second. Wow.

However, perhaps its greatest claim to fame is that of an Angry Birds conqueror, especially since Rovio’s latest adventure garnered a massive ten million downloads in the first three days of sale, following its launch two weeks ago.

The figures make Draw Something the fastest growing original game of all time and, naturally, the game also sits atop of the free download charts on Apple’s App Store.


 Draw Something hits 50M downloads

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