How to Root Sony Tablet S


sony s tablet pc 1 How to Root Sony Tablet S

Admittedly, rooting an Android device is complicated most of the time and involves a lot of hassle especially to people who are not very tech-savvy. So many Android rooting solutions involve technical terms and instructions–both of which can be very intimidating to first-time rooters.

Owners of certain devices, such as the Sony Tablet S, are lucky because one-click root solutions have been developed and are now available.  This means that rooting the Sony Tablet S no longer needs to be tedious or command-line-ridden, thus making the rooting process less scary for first-time rooters.

Rooting the Sony Tablet S has become a piece of cake.  The rooting solution discussed in this guide has worked for many users, so there’s very little reason for it not to work for you.

Take note, though, that rooting your Sony Tablet S may void your warranty.  Also, once you root your tablet, you are discouraged from applying any over-the-air (OTA) updates for your device, as such updates can break system functionality.  If you do want to apply the OTA update, you can do so by unrooting your device or by reverting to stock firmware.

If you still want to proceed with rooting your Sony Tablet S, check out the rest of this guide for the instructions.


Make sure that you don’t miss anything from the list before you proceed to the installation instructions.

  • Make a back up of all important files and data on your device. (i.e. SMS, contacts, files, call logs, and APN settings)
  • Be sure that your battery is fully charged.
  • Download the root tool for the Sony Tablet S from here or here.
  • Enable USB Debugging on your device (Settings » Application » Development)
  • Android Debug Bridge (ADB) must be installed on your computer.  Get ADB by installing the Android SDK on your computer.


NOTE: We will not be held liable for any damage or loss of data on your phone as a result of following this guide. Proceed at your own risk.

Here’s how to root your Sony Tablet S in just one click:

  1. Download the root tool for the Sony Tablet S from the links above.  Save the ZIP file to your computer.
  2. Extract the contents of the ZIP package into a folder on your computer.  The ZIP file contains 9 files.
  3. Connect your tablet to your PC in ADB Mode.  Unfortunately, ADB Mode on the Sony Tablet S is not as easy as attaching the USB cable to the phone and PC.  See the guide here to set up your computer to be able to communicate with your tablet in ADB Mode.
  4. From among the extracted files, look for run.bat and double-click on it to start the rooting process.
  5. A command prompt will open and show you the progress of the rooting process.
  6. When the program finishes, check whether root access has been gained by installing and running a root-only app (e.g., Titanium Backup).

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 How to Root Sony Tablet S

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