All-in-One Tool for Motorola Xoom Rooting, Unlocking and More


motorola xoom lord aio tool All in One Tool for Motorola Xoom Rooting, Unlocking and More

Don’t you wish there was a one-click tool for the Motorola Xoom that gave you the power to root, unroot, install ClockworkMod Recovery and even unbrick your Motorola Xoom? No need to keep wishing upon that star because XDA Developers forum member XxLordxX has made your wish come true by releasing an all-in-one tool that allows you to perform various hacks on your Motorola Xoom through an interface so easy that even Android newbies will be able to tackle with confidence.


The tool requires you to enter commands through a DOS Window. Pick a command you’d like to execute, enter its corresponding number, hit enter, and voila! It’s that easy.


The tool also includes the required adb and fastboot files. At the moment, the tool’s dual recovery feature may be included in the tool but it is still going through some more development. The rest of the tool’s features, however, are fully functional. Here is a list of the features included in the tool:


  • Complete Backup Tool
  • Bootloader Unlocker Tool
  • Bootloader Locker Tool
  • Install CWM
  • Restore Tool
  • Root Tool
  • Unroot Tool
  • App Install
  • Unbrick Xoom Tool
  • Dual Recovery Tool – still undergoing some tweaks.




If that list of features has got you excited, and you’d like to get started, you’ll need a few things:


  • Lord AIO Tool (currently beta 12) — download from here
  • A computer running Windows
  • Motorola Xoom drivers for your computer
  • Official firmware for your Motorola Xoom — This is needed if you want to unroot or unbrick your Xoom using the Lord AIO Tool.  Download official Motorola Xoom firmware from here.
  • A fully charged battery to prevent your Motorola Xoom from shutting off in the middle of the process.




Once you have those, you can now proceed to using the Lord AIO Tool on your Motorola Xoom:


  1. Download the  Lord AIO Tool and save it to your computer.  The files are packaged in a ZIP file.
  2. Using an archive extraction program (e.g., WinZIP, WinRAR, 7-Zip), extract the contents of the ZIP file into the root of your computer’s  primary hard drive (i.e., C:).  Do not extract the files to any other location, otherwise the “Restore Backup Tool” will not work.  The files should be inside the LAIOT folder (C:LAIOT).
  3. Open the LAIOT folder. You should find “LordAIOTool.bat” in it.
  4. Connect your Motorola Xoom to your computer via the USB Cable.
  5. Double-click on the “LordAIOTool.bat” and it should open up a DOS window.
  6. It will require you to press the Enter key once. The script will begin checking if you have all the components necessary for the Lord AIO Tool to function. It will even check if your device is being properly detected by your computer.
  7. Once the check has completed, press Enter again. It will bring up the AIO menu.
  8. The LAOIT main menu shows a list of options. Here, you can decide if you want to use the backup tool or if you’d like to root/unroot your device. You can even choose to unbrick your device here.  There are also options for unlocking or relocking the bootloader, as well as options for installing an app and installing ClockworkMod Recovery.
  9. To perform an operation, all you need to do is type the number of the corresponding option and press the Enter key to launch the tool.  Follow the onscreen instructions.


What do you think of this all-in-one tool for your Motorola Xoom?  Has it made your Xoom life easier?

via: androidauthority


 All in One Tool for Motorola Xoom Rooting, Unlocking and More

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