Root your Brand New Motorola Droid 4


Motorola Droid 4 Root your Brand New Motorola Droid 4

Well that was quick, but what did we expect from the Android Developers community? They are always quick at rooting and creating ROM’s among other things. The Droid 4 was only released yesterday and now we have a way to root it, courtesy of security researcher Dan Rosenberg.

That’s some pretty good news for people that were waiting to pick this one up until there was a way to root it. Currently this method is Windows-only, at least for now. Download a .zip file, put your Droid 4 into USB debugging mode, and run the exploit file. Takes just a couple minutes and a couple reboots. It’s just that easy.

You can download the .zip file by hitting the source link below. Try it out and let us know how it works for you.


SOURCES Vulnfactory

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 Root your Brand New Motorola Droid 4

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