Run & Install HP WebOS on Mac OS X using VirtualBox


akIIvBLCBp Run & Install HP WebOS on Mac OS X using VirtualBox

Run & Install HP WebOS on Mac OS X using VirtualBox

Try to Use or Install or run HP WebOS on Mac OS X Lion with VirtualBox Software [ Virtual Machine ] – Here is a tutorial for you on how to do it. You must be already aware of the fact that the HP TouchPad tablet is now available for $99. So if you want to give a try to WebOS you can do it the simple way by following this tutorial. If you need to try WebOS software for free you achieve it by using Mac OS X, VirtualBox and WebOS SDK. Though I am not so sure regarding its work function on Windows OS for the moment, there might be chances that you can run because all you have to use is the Virtual box.

Along with the VirtualBox images WebOS SDK will be available. So the process is very simple that after downloading the image of VirtualBox you can directly run on you Mac OS X.Actual emulator can also be able to run very easily. The installer of WebOS SDK can be simply downloaded and you can proceed installing it in the Applications folder of Mac OS X Lion just as you install other applications.
Before getting started you will have to download the following :
* Download VirtualBox for Mac OS X
* Download the WebOS SDK
Step by Step Tutorial On How to Install the HP webOS SDK / PDK On Mac :
Step 1
Before getting started with the WebOS SDK Installer make sure that Virtual Box is not in running mode.
Step 2
Now you can get the disk image for Mac Opened.
Step 3
By making a Double-click, installer file of WebOS SDK must set to run and the further instructions must be followed.
Step 4
You can also choose to instal PDK during the installation process.
After installing SDK :
* In the Applications folder you can see the WebOS emulator.
* From the Terminal there will availability of Web OS command-line tools.
You can get the possible help from the HP community also. So to get enough technical support you can Login into their community for further queries !

 Run & Install HP WebOS on Mac OS X using VirtualBox

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