What a surprise! Polaroid announces an Android-powered Smart Camera


ep 630px polaroid 630w What a surprise! Polaroid announces an Android powered Smart Camera

Now, just when we hear about Kodak going under, it would seem Polaroid is making bids to stay in the photography game. Today, at CES, they announced they would be releasing an Android-powered Smart Camera called the Polaroid SC1630. It will have an HD 16MP camera with 3X optical zoom, touchscreen display and Wi-Fi – making it perfect for the social photographer.

We’ve heard of smartphones and Smart TVs, and now there’s another “Smart” gadget to add to the list: Smart Cameras. This afternoon at CES Polaroid announced an Android-powered Smart Camera, the SC1630. The 16-megapixel camera has a 3x optical zoom, touchscreen display, wifi connectivity, and comes running the Android operating system.

Why would you want an Android camera? Much like your smartphone, the SC1630 is capable of downloading apps from the Android Market. So, if you’ve been enjoying a certain photo-editing app on your phone, you can load it up on your camera as well.

The camera’s wifi-connectivity also makes it possible for you to share the pictures you take on-the-fly, just like you might from your smartphone. For instance, if you snap a shot of a few friends at your local coffee shop, as long as your connected to wifi you can upload the picture directly from your camera to sites like Facebook and Twitter while you’re still with your friends.

Samsung is also showing off a few new wifi-connected cameras at CES this year that can connect to Android phones; however, they do not actually run Android.

Polaroid expects to launch the SC1630 sometime this year, no official release date has been announced.

 What a surprise! Polaroid announces an Android powered Smart Camera

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