New Nikon DSLR D800 Camera


2012 01 06 nikon d800 lineup 1325888150 New Nikon DSLR D800 Camera
See that row of cameras up there? A stately bunch, no doubt. It’s a shot from Nikon’s German website, and while the newly-announced D4 is shown, there’s a curious beast four units in from the left that we haven’t seen before. As The Verge and Nikon Rumors have astutely pointed out, that’s not a render of any current Nikon body, leaving the inquisitive among us wondering if it’s just an awkward image or an heretofore unannounced device. Naturally, all signs are pointing to the rumored D800, and given that the D700 could hardly be any longer in the tooth, it’s certainly possible that someone slipped up when polishing up ze website for the day after the D4′s launch. So, what say you? An improperly resized D700? Or the next-gen camera of your dreams?

Via: The Verge, Nikon Rumors
Source: Nikon Deutschland

 New Nikon DSLR D800 Camera

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