2 Best free Lockscreen apps for Android


top free android apps 2 Best free Lockscreen apps for Android

In this post, we are going to check out the best free lockscreen apps for Android Mobiles that you can try out. As you know you can customize any component on an android operating system. The benefit of customization is that you can personalize it according to your tastes.

So today I’m going to share with you two lockscreen apps which are compatible with any Android device and are absolutely free. Before going to discuss directly about these apps, let us check out articles related to this which you might be searching for as well.

#1. GO Locker

Go Locker is one such app that is brought to you by the developers of GO Launcher Ex, the best home launcher in the Android world. So lets take a look what features Go Locker offers you, that other lockscreen apps fail to deliver.

go locker android 300x245 2 Best free Lockscreen apps for Android

1. Perfectly compatible with Go Launcher Ex home launcher.

2. The app is only 562Kb in size and leaves very low memory footprint. On my Galaxy Fit, i found it to be consuming just 5.6MB of my RAM, that’s quite impressive. This is useful if you happen to have Android smartphones having less amount of RAM.

3. Fully Customizable. From wallpaper to themes, you can change every aspect of a lockscreen. You can download the themes from GO Store or the Android Market itself.

ss 480 1 0 180x300 2 Best free Lockscreen apps for Android

There are a lot of free themes available. Personalize em any way you want. You can also select sound and vibrate feedback if you always love those little extra perks.

4. On the lockscreen, Go Locker displays the time, date, day and the remaining battery charge. It also animates when you put the phone in charging mode. Further you can activate homescreen, camera and SMS directly from the icons on the lockscreen.

5. As an added advantage you have the emergency unlock feature enabled at times when your phone does not respond to you.

GO Locker by GO Launcher EX adds wallpaper setting pic 2 180x300 2 Best free Lockscreen apps for Android

If at any time later you realize that this is not the lockscreen app you had in mind then you can always return back to your stock lockscreen by disabling Go Locker, its that simple.

Go Locker is available for download in the Android Market. If you wish to download the APK file instead, then click here.

#2. Simply Lockscreen

If you would like a much faster and an eye candy lockscreen, then i would suggest you to definitely try out Simply Lockscreen by FireZenk. This lockscreen packs a whole lot more on the screen than the mere time and date options. So lets look at what the features Simply Lockscreen are, shall we?

image1 180x300 2 Best free Lockscreen apps for Android

1. Loads up very quickly on system start and isn’t laggy on low-end phones.

2. Very small in size. Outruns Go Locker by taking just 370Kb memory on your phone.

3. Wallpapers and themes are customizable as well. You can use your own custom wallpapers and apply free themes available on the market.

4. Displays a whole lot many features on the lockscreen. To name a few, displays date, time, weather, calendar, music player (with integration to the Android music app) and volume controls. Notifications such as new messages and missed calls are notified to you right from the lockscreen. Personally i like the digital clock a lot as it gives a more modern look to the lockscreen.

5. Silent mode, Vibrate mode and Ringer mode controls are directly available on the lockscreen which makes it very convenient to switch profiles anytime.

Simply Lockscreen time error 180x300 2 Best free Lockscreen apps for Android

Simply Lockscreen is totally free and available in the Android Market for download.

So did you like these two apps? Which of the two did you like the most? Comment and share your views with us or tell us if you found a better lockscreen app out there!

 2 Best free Lockscreen apps for Android

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